About Us

We started the Rubber Ducky Comedy Troop  in 2015. We began the troop to fill a need, our need to make people laugh in a family friendly atmosphere. Our shows are about an hour long and tickle the funny bone without going “blue”.

Mitch Perlman  was an original member of Whole World Theatre in Atlanta. Later Mitch helped start Shenanigans, an improv group for people with autism. Side note, Mitch was not Bar Mitzvahed and is still searching

Jennifer O’Brien has been doing stand up comedy since 1997. She was seen on Nik at Nites Funniest Mom in America! Enjoys observational humor and crazy characters

Don Thomas is the culmination of down South hillbilly and distinguished gentlemen came together to create a man of passionate humor and comedic genius. DK rocks the microphone like a broken champagne bottle filled with glorious intent.

Max Sticky Stamper. It all started in 1969 , Max was born in Southern Kentucky which explains a lot. The rest is history. Max’s favorite hobby is ping pong or table tennis to the socially elite.

Brandon Matheson has been doing a comedy his whole life. Brandon played Texas high school football quarterback for the Creek Cougars. Brandon has 4 children and has worked at the same company for 15 years. Brandon loves improv because it makes him feel like a kid. Brandon’s favorite hobby is handstands.

Meg Tully is the newest member and fit right in with silly self. Crazy characters include the Iconic Chicken Teenager and Mallory with a M.

Robin Moody is sister to Jennifer (O’Brien Sisters, Women Who Don’t Hate Trump, Roxie and Rose, The Chick-fil-A Rock Stars) and recently started her hand at stand up too. She has worked in radio, tv and film and has 4 kids.